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Dr. Schonze Del Pozo, MD

Meet the Founder/Medical Director

Dr. Schonze Del Pozo is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician trained at Johns Hopkins University. She completed her undergraduate degree at UC Davis in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. Her residency training was at Johns Hopkins Sinai. Dr. Del Pozo has over 11 years of experience in Internal Medicine. She has taught medical students and residents at UC Davis and California Northstate University School of Medicine.

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My work in Palliative Care has taught me how essential it is for the physician-patient to define a patient’s platform for their beliefs with medications, tests, defining quality of life, when to fight, when to be at peace. I have held the hands of hundreds of patients and their families at the bedside in the hospital.

In the end, wishing that I could have been the one to educate and guide these patients/families on the journey leading up to this point.  Having the time to establish this level of trust and intimate knowledge of patients' desires near the end is so important to me. This practice will allow me to be there for my patients and their families during their greatest time of need.

The honor of being someone’s primary care doctor, the trust, respect, and genuine empathy involved in that relationship, is the greatest reward a physician can hope for.  I have loved the high acuity, complexity, and being present for patients and their families during great times of illness and need.  But during this time I have amassed so much knowledge on what my patients need from me as their primary care physician in order to prevent their need for urgent/emergent admissions.

"The honor of being someone’s primary care doctor, the trust, respect, and genuine empathy involved in that relationship, is the greatest reward a physician can hope for." - Dr. Schonze Del Pozo, MD

In addition, Dr. Schonze del Pozo, MD is an Internal Medicine Specialist and has over 15 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 2006.

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Who is Dr. Schonze Del Pozo, MD?

Dr. Schonze Del Pozo, MD is a prominent leader in the field of Integrative Medicine.

"My strengths are my dedication to my patients both through moral support and to researching treatments and understanding of complex cases.

My training has been so complete and my experience broad equipping me with knowledge to figure out tough diagnoses. My strong background in research and training at Johns Hopkins and my many years at teaching facilities set a foundation for approaching medicine from an evidence based practice.

I have good rapports with specialists and because they respect me I work well coordinating patients care.

I have a very reassuring nature and patients and families trust me and value my recommendations. They see that I care and know I am their advocate. I am very protective of my patients and fight for them. I am a fierce supporter of qualify of life and independence and dignity in health care decisions.

I am extremely intuitive and this helps tremendously in understanding patients and how to approach their care.

My training in inpatient medicine has given me a different approach to treating medical conditions. Many primary care doctors try one thing at a time and months go on without getting a condition under control. I gather all the data and then formulate a more aggressive plan up front to get a condition under control and then go into maintenance mode."

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It is impossible to design a single treatment that is universally effective for every patient. For this reason, East Sacramento Concierge uses a combination of integrative and complementary personalized medical services designed to address urgent and ongoing health care needs.

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